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Lab Meeting with The Intelligent Retrieval Network Database of Chinese Characters team

An online meeting with The Intelligent Retrieval Network Database of Chinese Characters was held on December 13, 2021. The IRNDCC database was built by the Center for the Study and Application of Chinese Characters (CSACC) of East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai. It is a comprehensive database of ancient Chinese texts and scripts. The center also hosts the Journal of Chinese Writing Systems (JCWS). The primary purpose of the meeting was to check whether the system of the Chinese database is compatible with the iClassifier platform.

In the meeting, both teams conducted a brief presentation of the data structure of each project. In addition, the teams presented the character recognition technology in the Chinese database and the classifier-based networks in iClassifier. The fruitful discussion was a good start for further cooperation. After the meeting, some sample data were shared to test a collaboration. Both teams agree to continue to maintain close communication.


2021年12月13日,由以色列希伯来大学考古与古代近东语言及文明研究所Archaeomind Lab开发的iClassifier数据库团队与由中国华东师范大学中国文字研究与应用中心开发的中国文字智能检索网络数据库团队进行了网上对谈会。此次会议的主要目的是寻找两个数据库进行合作的契机。


Participants 参会人员

Chinese team 中方团队:

Prof. Zang Kehe臧克和教授, Director of the Center中国文字研究与应用中心主任:

Prof. Liu Zhiji刘志基教授, Deputy Director of the Center中国文字研究与应用中心副主任:

Prof. Zhang Deshao张德劭教授, Manager Editor of JCWS《中国文字》季刊执行主编:

Prof. Chen Youguang陈优广教授, Image processing and pattern recognition图像处理与模式识别:

Dr. Zheng Shaolin郑邵琳, Lecturer, secretary助理研究员、兼任行政秘书; History of Chinese writing, Grammar of Ancient Chinese汉字发展史、古汉语语法研究.

Dr. Zhang Chunfeng张春凤, Lecturer, Editorial Assistant of JCWS助理研究员、《中国文字》编辑; Chinese minority scripts, Naxi study西南少数民族文字、纳西东巴文.

Dr. Luo Shun罗顺博士, Database operating and design, Intelligent recognition of ancient text数字化网站运营、数据库设计、文字识别; Stela and Inscription of Tang and Song Dynasty, Dunhuang study唐宋碑刻、敦煌学.

Dr. Xu Liqun徐丽群博士, Database development of Oracle-bone inscriptions甲骨文数据库建设与开发; Oracle-bone inscriptions study甲骨文研究.

Hao Sichen郝斯尘, Computer Science, Image processing计算机专业、主攻图像处理, MA student, East China Normal University华东师范大学在读硕士.

iClassifier team 以方团队:

Prof. Orly Goldwasser, PI iClassifier埃及学家、首席专家, Hebrew University希伯来大学:;

Dr. Dmitry Nikolaev, IT designer and linguist语言学家、数据库开发, Institute for Natural Language Processing, Stuttgart University德国斯图加特大学自然语言处理研究所.

Haleli Harel, ArchaeoMind Lab manager and scientific coordinator数据库设计与管理, PhD candidate, Mandel School of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University希伯来大学在读博士.

Xu Yanru徐艳茹, Chinese Portal coordinator, PhD candidate, Hebrew University,希伯来大学在读博士.

Schedule 会议安排

Greetings and introduction: Chinese director Prof. Zang Kehe (translator: Prof. Zhang Deshao) & PI Prof. Orly Goldwasser (translator: Xu Yanru) 10 mins 自我介绍

First Part: Technical issues 第一部分:技术问题

Chinese team’s introduction, Prof. Chen Youguang & Hao Sichen, 10 mins (PPT, in English) 中方团队介绍

Dmitry shows some basic information and talk about the compatibility issues. 10 mins (in English) 以方团队介绍

Second Part: Theoretical issues 第二部分:理论问题

Chinese team 中方团队:

Introduction of main functions of Chinese database, Prof. Liu Zhiji (PI) & Dr. Xu Liqun (translator: Prof. Zhang Deshao), 15 mins (PPT, in English)数据库功能介绍

Introduction of the Intelligent text recognizer, Dr. Luo Shun, 5 mins (PPT, in English)数据库智能识别工具介绍

iClassifier team 以方团队:

ArchaeoMind Lab website (, designer: Haleli Harel)项目网站介绍

Classifiers in ancient Chinese scripts, Prof. Orly Goldwasser (translator: Xu Yanru) & Xu Yanru (in Chinese), 20 mins汉字中的类符 and a discussion of sample networks by Haleli Harel.

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